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Robert Plant {Led Zeppelin}

Robert Plant {Led Zeppelin}



I have not forgotten about this blog or the lovely people who follow it. :] I’ve been very busy and haven’t been to any shows in awhile. I’m going on tour for a month starting Saturday, so sorry I’ll be MIA for awhile! But I promise when I’m back I’ll have more photos! :D





To anyone who has ever liked, reblogged, hated, praised whatever… please watch this. :] PLEASEEEEEEEEE IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME AND I THINK IT WILL EXPLAIN A LOT!<3

Reblogging this from myself, I want everyone to see it. please to watch. please. thnx.

Gratuitous reblog, to refresh everyone’s memory… Maybe I should do a contest on this blog… yes? 



I haven’t updated in awhile. I promise I’ll do that soon… :] in the meantime feel free to check out my personal blog. *O*



Jason Freidman {Since Forever}

Jason Freidman {Since Forever}

Zachary Easterwood {Since Forever}

Zachary Easterwood {Since Forever}

anchors-drag-me-under-deactivat said: how did you manage to get backstage and shit with them?
im heaps jealous ha. if you ever come to australia and some how get backstage please take me with you! haha

haha, I was invited backstage. :] Ahaha okay deaaal, if I ever make it there I’ll invite you backstage! 



Alex Roy {Sparks the Rescue}

Alex Roy {Sparks the Rescue}

anchors-drag-me-under-deactivat said: well i live in australia so its not very often bands like that come out here :/
have you met all time low? and if you have what are they like


Awww, well I’m sorry! I’m sure Australia is great though. :D Yes, I have met half of them. I only have Alex’s picture because their manager is a jerk. I’ll probably lose followers over this, but seriously he’s a jerk. Everyone thinks he’s awesome but dealing with him on a business level is terrible. He treated me like crap and lied to me. At this point, if I get the rest of All Time Low’s pictures it will be in spite of their management. I’m done trying, I frankly don’t care anymore.

Alex is nice enough, nothing too exciting. haha To be honest. O: Sorry to ruin anyone’s opinion of him. I’m just giving you my take on things. 

And Rian is nice, we had mutual friends and we all hung out once… So I wasn’t going to ask for a picture because it wasn’t the right setting. Does that make sense?

As far as the other two gentlemen I can’t tell you anything about them. I was backstage with them one time when I was hanging out with the Maine. They seemed like nice guys. They were all sitting around having a good time. 

killthatkid said: is Jersey a dolfie dream, super dolfie, ?????
cuz he is super cute and i really want one like him.
much love <#

Jersey is a Super Dollfie, not a Dollfie Dream. :] Dollfie are vinyl dolls made by Volks and they are only girls. xD Thank you! He’s an F-16 from the Full Choice System. :] 

Check out my Youtube channel, hopefully that’ll help my answer make more sense. O: I have a video all about Dollfie Dreams!